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It’s #fluffernutterday and we thought we’d be creative and make sure that jam was part of the celebration. The sane person would have just put together a #fluffernuttersandwich but no, we needed a […]

This is a pretty easy dessert to put together. If you’re in a rush you can always buy the merinque and sponge cake. You can also use any jam you […]

You’ve all had Yorkshire pudding. Now how about a dessert version that is quick to make and delicious? These popovers are not overly sweet, have a bit of a chew […]

I have been enjoying the baking of a friend over the course of the pandemic.  When I told her I had some plums I wanted to use up, she lent […]

I’ve made these a few times and they really hit the spot. You can substitute in your favourite brownie recipe.  I have made these with a brownie recipe that called […]

The chart below gives you some ideas for mocktails using the switchels. Try each recipe with each or any of the three flavours: Low-calorie Blueberry, Classic Lemon and Honey and […]

When you go to your cottage or get invited to one, it’s always nice to bring some home baking – whether you do it yourself or buy it from your […]

We wanted to make some cocktails that were inspired by not only the teams that made it to the Super Bowl but also the teams that didn’t quite make it. […]

You know you’re on to something good when you have to hide things from your family. We hear lots of stories from people telling us about how the hide our […]

It’s been a lot of fun to think of and test creative ways to use our Switchels. Although we’ve posted just a few recipes, you are only limited by your […]